They Looked Supreme As They Sucked Each Other - 8 Reasons Why Supreme Just Sucks

I know, I know. You need time to process this. You need me to explain myself.

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When I first saw Tyshawn Jones he was probably 12 years old, already frontside boardsliding handrails and snaking people like he owned the skatepark.

I think he just pulled me over because I looked too young, I swear to god. We asked Robbie some normal and not so normal questions to celebrate him turning pro for Real Skateboards. I never really liked any sports because I felt once I peaked, what was I gonna do?

There are still some processes to go through, but probably. How far did you get in school? Report this as dickriding on Instagram and Twitter. Wait, hold up, hold up, my father calling me and he in jail. Miramar singles

Saddle up parter, you just got yourself a new fan. I knew there was no point to that life. I guess New York is a weird city with that. We went to three of Manhattan's busiest skateparks and asked them ourselves. I never really liked any sports because I felt once I peaked, what was I gonna do? Are you the first major pro skateboarder from The Bronx?

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Zebra Ksu: Ok. I'm 10 that I love Germany and all of it!

LeglessTable: You know you are dating a indian when he shits on the floor

Bho Bhoo: Why are Germans considered the nation that drinks most beer while on the last October fest the guy that drank most beer was a Bulgarian that was sitting home in front of the TV watching October fest

Sasha Noboa: As an American I find this video 1 accurate. I agree with everything depicted in this video.

Bunny Bear: Ooh .there is a Bangladeshi here

TheAcidKnight: Trinidadians are messed up. I'm a Trinidadian BTW so dont say a whole set if crap .

Jon Wilson: Make a polish man or woman next please

Joseph Zyto: Evelyn, do something about that anteater snout.

Rick Harms: The irish accent was the sexiest

D37 Gld: Ahhh, Vienna! My home away from home! : Looked like you had good weather there at the Graben.

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Robb Stacy: Im German and this is 1 accurate.

Bohemis09: For those that are confused Brazilian and portuguese is like american and british

Evan H.W.: You should do a You are dating a Scottish Man when.

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They Looked Supreme As They Sucked Each Other

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  1. Yeah, that blue dress and blue eyes made you look kind of amazing on that orange wall. So much contrast!

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