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Nichole Love: Is this the reject version of buzzfeed?

Andrew Bacon: Jake Eric are soooo hot! :)

JelyzhaDrawz: Look at james francos brother

Zayn Girl: I was wondering whether Julie was a French speaker or a Flemish speaker. I'm hesitating.

Pied Piper: Marina, you made some very aggravating parts about American dating entertaining (especially the 'married to our jobs bit classic!). What's next? Flyover country? ;)

Ana Bernadete: Omfg im french and i have no idea of what she said

Sudz94 R: When I lived in the UK I was going to a dental care with greek female dentists and it was the only time I was looking forward to my dentist appointments. they were HOT

Raquel Plumpp: The estonian guy is beautiful, as is the greek girl. Russian sounds amazing. But that BRITISH guy? that is a fake overexaggerated accent that does absolutely no favours to your inflated ego. Everyone of the participants seems lovely except for him.

Tweetyspecial: Whatt? hahaha that isn't the catalonia flag!

Peyton Woods: Thumbs up if you got it.

Roger Xavier: But in the end, if you get through all this, be prepared for a caring and life-lasting relationship. An Indian woman will not cheat on you. You can expect her to be as virgin back from a business trip as you left her last weekend.

Ayan Tiwary: These guys look VERY unhappy these women are more trouble than they are worth

CosmozLV2: Russians are very feminine and if anything are much more likely to be a housewife

Ranjan Biswas: Ohhhh I like your videos! . I have some friends from Mexico and the superstitions hahaha yes, completely true. +Dating Beyond Borders I am waiting for You know you are daiting a German man when. .My boyfirend is from Germany. I am from Colombia and the video about Colombian woman was so funny.

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Maria Cami: Come on! What about the asians and more multi-cultural stereotypes but I guess that could go really wrong at some point!

Mikono Jen: Do Argentinian man

Predator 2000: Pakistani guy is so great

Justin Mac: It is interesting to compare this video to the Turkish-Dutch female friends I have : great vidoeo!

Bill BurrFan: U know u dating a phillo girl when she dumps u the moment she gets her permanent residency :P

Arun Prakash: It is the defining moment in the Olympics, it was a reflection of the Cold War, it is the greatest of the great team sports!

Lcafilms: Whoever is richer

Pcarebear1: Greetings from Israel

Eva Sun: I would say, don't ask right away What do you do? . It's irrelevant in the beginning.

Javier Mac: Can you please do You know you are dating Bulgarian woman/man when.

Annie Be: No Argentinan I'm from Argentina

Katterina Xo: Scottish women! Scottish women PLEASE!

Sampi Sasori: You Know You are Dating an Indian men When.

Gil Mario: Sweden was so cute awww

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