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And, on first glance, us Irish folks should be proud. But, within a few lines, pride turns to ash as...

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Tengo Five: France all the way! But the last guy rom Quebec, oh mon Dieu!

Milaniac: And if u are a guy who is into fitness, you will probably try to show photos that u are fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

Mikebdb8: I did not like that Chinois or the British Indian. They were smug. I loved the Turk and the Estonian. Russian and Greek were my faves. The girl speaking French was horrendous.

HyperVee: I am a Greek and this is bullshit

Jarrold Bates: Minority of Europeans who love to battle thats the group I belong to. Date me and you will be secure within 10 blocks radius of my house. I am from one gang and 10 blocks away is another gang's territory.


Renee Bourque: That cockney/yorkshire guy is awesome! I would love to see him in a movie

Brendan Kri: Don't want to hear from Men on this subject.

Olga MOV: Girl your spanish sounds so good !

Billy Jenkins: So hows stalingad?

Joakim T: A Greek girl actually beyond them? wow I am impressed!

Kaleem S: I'd like to ask for POLISH GIRL and CHILEAN MAN please :)

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Some, will just keep jamming the square pegs in the round holes because all they see is round pegs. When u piss Hank off in the bar Chapter "Partners" by spilling his drink. What humans don't want to hear, we will tell them. I read the GQ article and while I agree that it was derogatory of him to say not to put pussy on a pedestal, that line that you quoted about him doing what the fuck he wants, was taken completely out of context by you.

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Connor Gets Ass Banged From Behind

Your work is important. Become Human , a game with over 1. Become Human Platinum Trophy. Felice Herrig just posted this clip of him on IG going a little wild.

Now about them feet And, on first glance, us Irish folks should be proud.

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  • “You're a fucking robot, Connor, a goddamned unfeeling UWD trained son of a bitch.” I shook my head....
  • Louis Blues vs Minnesota Unworkable Lively Armies, St.

  • His eyes were locked onto mine, his hands behind my neck. “You look like you need a good fuck, Brian,”...

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