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Facialized Dude Gets Ass Rammed

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Saray Rosado: I cringed the whole video

Liv Vell: I loooooooooove Italian women, best food, best culture, awesome people.

Ayse Skl: Biggest bunch of phoney people in America all living in the same place.please dear god, California hurry and suceed! we can build a wall around you!

Aayat Mateen: But shy guys are everywhere, not everyone here is blunt. Not all will tell you exactly what they want.

Ry Felx: Now it's time to do Nigerian woman

Alex Pelaez: Girls have this romantic view of french/italian/spanish so they will pick them more often. Will say that depending on the persons voice any language will be sexy. I may be in the minority but sometimes that nasal voice is quite a turn on :D

AbyssWalker: Even in Athens.

Blair Coe: When she has pitch black hair pits

Joy Barretto: The cringe was real with this

Luisa Gomez: I dont everyone isn't greedy but that is in every country

Atlas Catawba: No offense British accents aren't super sexy. Australian accents are SEXY

John Hales: Swedish woman next! :D

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She's been hurt. Scared to get into relationship? Legit?

Jessie Israel: The snack thing is also common in poland, too. Polish women will never have a guest around and not serve them some kind of food. Also, they can make snacks out of pretty much nothing and they're delicious.

Jessica S: Russians never say 'Na zdorovje or 'cheers'.

Echa Anggara: I don't know about you, but I didn't need the subtitles xD

AJ Hubbell: He has a mistress. He's a douchebag then.

Saraerzaluna: I can't believe this but you hit the nail on the head that is so perfect thank you

Jamin Goecker: I love hearing the French accent but I also can't understand it. Like I even know some french phrases but when I hear them say it, it's like they spew their words out.

Ikeknights: She says she likes the irish accent (Even though some of them are horrendous but so funny e.g. cork city boiii but she obviously hasn't heard the irish LANGUAGE omgggg

Jimmy Mack: Come on, he could've commited suicide somewhere else, I'm really tired of this.

John Allen: He looks gay no matter how you dress him up.

Prem Suthar: This is a fallacy that's been proven as being incorrect in a few studies.

Gugaecologico: Chilenos qlos huasos KAKAJAJDJDHDH

Bulgiriri: I love punctuality and honesty of German girl these two things are very important for me

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