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The Introduction Article is just the first of 11 articles in each species account that provide life history information for the species. The remaining articles provide detailed information regarding...

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Heating wood or other fuel releases volatile vapors that can rapidly combust with oxygen in the air; the resulting incandescent bloom of gas further heats the fuel, releasing more vapors and perpetuating the cycle. In photosynthesis, sunlight and heat make chemical energy in the form of wood or fossil fuel ; fire uses chemical energy to produce light and heat.

Air is 21 percent oxygen ; combine pure oxygen with acetylene , a chemical relative of methane, and you get an oxyacetylene welding torch that burns at over 5, degrees Fahrenheit—the hottest fire you are likely to encounter. A low-oxygen fire contains lots of uncombusted fuel particles and will give off a yellow glow. A high-oxygen fire burns blue. Place a cold spoon over a candle and you will observe the water vapor condense on the metal Charred bones and wood ash indicate that early hominids were tending the first intentional fires more than , years ago.

A coal seam about miles north of Sydney, Australia, has been burning by some estimates for , years.

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A parabolic mirror that focuses solar rays is still used to ignite the Olympic torch. Some fuel sources can generate their own heat—by rotting, for instance. Heating wood or other fuel releases volatile vapors that can rapidly combust with oxygen in the air; the resulting incandescent bloom of gas further heats the fuel, releasing more vapors and perpetuating the cycle. In some instances an unmated helper will assist with the rearing of young.

Chimney Swift banding at Kingston, Ontario from to You will find an "opt-out" button at the bottom of the page, in the footer. Loss of nesting habitat suitable chimneys has often been cited as the cause of population declines, but has so far proven false where investigated. Shreveport hookup

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