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The finished manuscript, and without revealing to his family what hed done. Sometimes Id get chills as I checked out his stories Brandt goes on:

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Geetha.G Rao: MY favorite was the Spanish guy

Masterlab LAB: I dont think russian girls kiss a guy when they say hello

Effie Des: This stupid feminist presents everything as girls hitting on guys is the best thing ever and if guys hiting on girls is as evil as harassment. Typical cunt.

The Fists: I am not trying to be hater or anything like that, but this looks so fake, there's no way they are so good at this. There's no way they could have guessed something as random as Trinidad and Estonia, just by hearing a couple of sentences. Either that or they have overheard someone whispering about it in the studio.

Scum Fuc: It will be tough to ask Danish girls out (07 .I will have to befriend their brothers first, apparently!

Beanbag Betty: I thought it said sexiest bitch accent.

Michael Frost: You know you are dating a Russian girl, when she acts like a spoiled bitch.

PaweЕ Kowal: The British guy is hot idgaf

Karsten Brot: Dating an Irish woman seems way better than dating an Indian one.

Evil Chars: Tbh. No Slavic language sounds sexy but Slavic women are extremely sexy!

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Leather booties with tiered trimming cuffs. Run off, 1quot;Shaft, 4. 5quot;Leather four hundred advantage. Pull-on tenor. Padded insole. Shearling lining. Fur Cultivated.

Here happen some jokes.

Bear8ful: Totally random. but the sexiest accent, in my opinion, is Scottish

Redrose Abd: When they shit on the road instead of the toilet

Cristyelen: Ok so i can see how you could confuse chinese with korean the first time you hear it. But chinese and japanese? They have completely different tones mate

Ibizasniper: It's true. Do not talk about our mothers. Or our fathers. Or our grandparents. Or our siblings. Or anyone, really. Being part of the family gives you the right to complain. If you're not married then you're an outsider talking about us and that's NOT okay.

Men Of Mayhem: Please french women or Franco canadians. I beg you for french pls

Mike Wheeler: Ist too true

Lauren Hahm: You guys didn't pick a very attractive Italian ok, BLOUNDE is NOT what most of them look like at ALL ? He looked more SWEDISH to me ? They have brown hair and green eyes too, NOT the traditional looking italian ok go to ITALY and you will see that this is NOT an ITALIAN guy at all !

Nuno Gomes: French was really hot

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Should I ask the brother's permission to dance with his sister?

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