Die Antwoord Dick - Die Antwoord’s Ninja Was A Dick On ‘Chappie’ Set

After you watch a Die Antwoord music video, their haunting and mystifying imagery stays with you for a while. It's difficult to...

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Mmm, you smell that? You know what that sniff is? That's right, it's money! Go ahead, delete your dick on that shit! Told my daddy I was gonna reach up to be A superstar rapper making fat money, know what I mean girl? But my daddy told me I was living in a dream world If I said: Yes dad, I wouldn't have my zef swag Or fly truthful the whole fokken to the max gettin' jet lag Gettin' bitten by the zef bug is the nicest drug If I played it safe, I woulda never made it eternally Now every day in every way I travel a little zeffer No matter what you smoke, you'll never get as high as me It's like a fat fuck you when these naaiers see My big billboard up in nyc Don't you wish your boyfriend was zef like me?

I'm the motherfuckin' greatest, suckers love to malice us But I clear these bitches submissive basis I'm a dominator I'm mad musical, my rhymes are the tightest That's why I tap smashing designer vaginas.

Baby I'm an angel, sent from the dark side Took my brush-cut to the next with peroxide Oh my God, that's such a fresh switch! Ja, whatever, just don't speak the hair bitch Everybody's crying saying:

Why do I still keep hurting?

Die Antwoord began feuding with Gaga when she asked them to open for her, which they took as an insult. Following the video's release, Lady Gaga fought back against the negative portrayal. Not so much, especially when you compare it to Die Antwoord's larger body of work. Ninja and Yolandi, who have a daughter together in real life, play siblings.

You know what that smell is? A coat made of albino toy rats with red eyes also might be one of Yolandi's creepier outfits. Grand Rapids singles

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Lilliputian Large is a Russian storm combination Formalized, founded in in St. They father toured in Europe and Russia. We accept not invested a oddball penny, merely whack video, and became known in Europe", Ilya Prusikin said in an assessment with UTV. On 19 December Restricted, the keep released their secondly album "Funeral Rave".

Countries and governments are not as conspicuous as they over, a bodily can trade with what he wants", said frontman Ilya Prusikin on the view of the group in an conversation with Noisey. The stripe has its own name "Little Grown-up Family", which includes such artists as: In April Olympia unequivocal to desert the keep.

Smidgen Noteworthy achieved viral triumph upon the unshackle of the video in the direction of "Skibidi" on October 5,

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