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Yuubokumin415: I enjoy your videoes. Can you make on episode with a kazakh woman from kazakhstan?

Molly Blake: The Korean girls must have had a facial surgery for sure that's why they're pretty.

Cj La'Cour: Her face when he said Mozzarella Sticks is priceless ahahahahahahahaha

Alan Jackson: I'm not saying it's bad or something, it's just some cultural diferences :)

Haley Lee: Indian. I don't know what people say about me coz I have never met any foreigner .

Cesar Ramirez: Bell icon Done

Hannibal: He's cute. But showing no interest and taking weeks to ever be kind of involved/romantic. sheesh. I come from a culture that's not known for being open. But that would be difficult and complicated.

FilipposGR: You should change the title to American Greek girl.i am born and raised in Greece and that video actually insults our women and our families.before you make a video is better to do a more detailed research first. If i was you i would delete it as soon as s not funny at all.unless if u change the title to American Greek woman who you actually show in this video.

PapaSiera: The tattoos. It's distracting.

Negrita: Yay! I'm Canadian I hope that means I bound to have a good fortune with Brazilian men hehe;)

Kosovo Report: That English guy is awful, just sour as fuck.

KawaiiNanu 4: I'm surprised not as many people chose the guy with scarf he looked like what I imagine a Greek god would look like

DemoiselleR: The part that carck me up was the bear plushy gift i was like aww thats sweet and the she was like ewww jaajajajajaaj and theyre not materialistc like gifts hows that supposed to work jajaja love your vids always

Gildo Cravo: Do one on mexican man.Please!

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