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Jhendo Xoxo: I LOVE Italian women, because they're boldly honest and beautiful.

Holy Melony: So it's true that every woman is different ;)

Mert Korkmaz: Would most definitely like to date an English woman because I LOVE the accents (especially Estuary English), but with this girl I couldn't tell because she was mumbling and talking really fast the whole time, sometimes she sounded Australian.

PeЕҐa K.: Very much enjoying these videos.

Menatulah: They speak English so much better than most Americans speak Portuguese!

Clara Lima: Do an Australian one!

Bear Bonez: The Dominican Republic accent was by far the best. I liked the gravelly tone in his voice.

Yaritta100: How you know you're dating an Italian man

Tricia Salo: Two points are absolutly true in my experience. never talk about or make italian food, big mistake if an italian girl gets angry, she will talk italian, no matter if you can understand it or not! ciao ragazzi!

Lucy Sadd07: In the description they call it St.Patty's Day. That drives us Irish mad. #PaddynotPatty

Flasa Pive: She says she votes Labour because they really like to help people and stoof.

The Leader: Oh wait this is an actual description not a stereotype

Sonia G: Some other accents might sound sexier but spanish spoken in Mexico sounds so nice in my opinion. It sounds so polished and perfected.

Bookyisspooky: Conoscete questa ragazza? e a dir poco stupendaaaaaaaa

The occasional face slaps accentuating the humiliation: Enslaved to the Alpha Master. Set yourself up in the bathroom fag, we will be going in throughout the night to piss and drop loads, actually the whole bar is. So get to it faggots!! Under no circumstances should the comfort of the homosexual be taken into consideration.

Send some nasty stuff to me Definitely Hell yeah Send it on man…. They had to let the queer into the Troop. Durham hookup

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The Troop Master and the other adults on the trip used the faggot to show the other boys all kinds of new skills. Why are you surprised. Sniff it up faggot!!! You should have an audience, you sick bitch. Remember this video next time you blow some dude. Damn right damage the insides make him take that dick tear him open u can see the faggot trying to grab his ass in pain when the master nigger is done nutting in him wish o could find someone to make me cry.

Meka4996: Gabe and david, canadians and brits make instant buddies

Kira Nightray: Definitely the luck of the Irish!

DarkKing009: We wanna Spanish Swedish and Australian women

David Funk: The French have the sexiest accents, language, and people. With love from the USA

MrXelium: This is exactly how they are, I was dating a russian guy for a while who thought being so assertive and cheesy was actually charming. It wasn't.

Katia Hid: Has there been a spanish one yet?

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