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How long will you communicate via email/phone before you lose interest?

Abdolrahman: Are we paranoid? Yes, we are MUHAAAA .

Gagan Nagi: It is sooo much bullshit! No way it is true.

Galaxy Queen!: I dated a Russian and a Ukranian lady, they can get very emotional sometimes and INDEED you have to be acertive. Don't ask what do you feel like eating now? Would you like to go . (somewhere ? You just take them and they will definitely enjoy if you have a nice conversation :). A lil bit of wine at the end of the night, and just enjoy how sweet they are :)

Mara MГ©rcia: I'm Brazilian and I just realized she was speaking Portuguese after she said so

Louis Daniel: That's um. Not only russian women take care of their appearance. Russian women do not wait for someone to open a car door for them. Russian women are not cagy when they first time meet someone ALL PEOPLE are sometimes cagy when they meet someone. Not all russian women are in love with russian movies and not only russian women are emotional. Like I will not continue cause this video is cancer.

Melissa M: That aint proper cockney haha

Arval Landore: So basically, bottom line, it varies with each individual.

Maolo Noggi: I would like to meet a beautiful Russia woman. . I am tired of fake American women.

Spicy Shuga: What does this retard care if some guy is dating his sister. it`s her life you fucktard

Daniel Mccrea: Lol, I am not suited for the Portuguese temperament one iota. :P But at least I found out the entertaining way, rather than the hard way, amirite?

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How to recover from a awkward first kiss?


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Hayden Lewis: But never have had a more romantic and attentive guy in my life.

Nouha Laamech: Turkish women are femenine because they are not part of english commonwealth countries nor they were invaded by the british(who are know to have stuck up attitude). I think if you are even Indian/pakistani dude who looks like Aamir Khan, girls in Turkey will go crazy for you, that is how loving Turkish girls and even friendly Turkish men are to Non-Turks. Compare to a Non-Arab trying to date an Arab woman, you will guaranteed get killed.

Robin Marquez: Almost accurate, as the tined food part was wrong as tastes have changed since all the trendy cooking tv-shows have been shown for several years now. Like I buy fresh swordfish from my local supermarket.

Uni Bear: The cute accent: Japanese, Korean, British

Gen Paquette: I like to SHIFT GIRLS! What a banger.

Kevin Tyson: For instance, what do foreigners like about American men vs Canadian men vs Scottish men? I'm sure there are plenty of romance-related stereotypes that correspond to each group. ;)

Eptilia: Hugs from Romania! :*

Rush Rayder: Thank you so much for this video !

CEmil02 ELITE: Being a Czech woman, I can only agree with one thing. I never let people pay for me in restaurants and I sure as hell don't drink beer. And most of my female freinds are pretty much like that, I rarely meet a woman who is a drunk and let's men pay for them (on the few first's dates, of course). But I have to agree that Czech women are cold. That one is awfully true.

Dagdagdag: No offense but according to this vid Japanese men would be my worst nightmare XD

FaithLehane: You Know You Are Dating a Swedish Girl When.

Linda Woods: Truly amazing video Marina, so entertaining and fun, all well done :)

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