Hookup Gay Soldiers - U.S. Soldiers In Afghanistan Under Fire For Gay Craigslist Hookups

What it like to swap brojobs with a curious young marine? New Yorker Nathan first joined joined the U. Marine Corps when he was

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It was thought that gays did not represent the virile image of the manly fighter… Thanks god, times are finally changing! Apparently military commanders aren't just looking the other way. NateOcean Yeah, this is really nasty.

Just type in "Gay dating" in Facebook's search box and you'll see what I mean. Notify me when new comments are posted. I hope this article is baseless.

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Gay Soldier Caught Cheating on Army Wife - Get Paid To Flirt

Satisfactory, turns out, under the Unchanging Code of Military Justice, soldiers are forbidden from having coitus with anyone other than their spouse while deployed to a combat zone. One Marine corporal tells the Daily Dispatch of being caught and arrested trying to hookup with a male undercover Naval Criminal Inquisition Service officer.

What is that, Baton Rouge? Officers entrapping sexed-up service members? Hell, it beats getting a prostitute and afterwards, chlamydia. Who do we acquire to see about getting a thoroughly invasive medical exam?

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Capitalizing on this newfound freedom, Outmilitary.

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  • If so, you're in luck! No, seriously: everyproduct.info 's mobile app appears to be the armed forces...
  • “That said, I did hook up with several guys during my time enlisted.” He continues ,...
  • We say more power to them, but unfortunately sex among non-married soldiers in a combat zone is a no-no.
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Hookup Gay Soldiers

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