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This is a list of characters in the American television series, Prison Break. Lincoln Burrows played by Dominic Purcell is falsely and...

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John played by Robert Wisdom is a Panamanian drug kingpin incarcerated at Sona, where he is the leader of the prison and is at the top of the prison hierarchy. Her character is later written out when she is shot by the buyer and the rest of the team leave her behind to be arrested by the police. He escaped from Sona with Michael and Whistler at the end of season 3, and is now part of Self's covert "A-Team" assembled to bring down The Company in season 4.

She also accompanies Lincoln to bury the scuba gear and provides assistance, such as helping to drug one of the guards and hatching the escape plan for Scofield and James Whistler. Lechero is introduced in the season 3 premiere episode Orientacion. Part of his punishment is to visit a mentor, his father, once weekly. Paul Guadalupe Gonzales, 45, is accused of 11 counts of extortion and two counts of attempted extortion for allegedly luring women to nice restaurants, ordering food and vanishing -- sticking his victims with the bill.

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This undated family photo shows Matthew Hedges with his wife, Daniela Tejada. On Wednesday, Hedges was convicted of spying and given a life sentence by a court in the United Arab Emirates. A year-old British man accused of spying for the U. Matthew Hedges, a doctoral candidate at England's Durham University, was detained at Dubai International Airport on May 5 after a two-week research trip for his thesis on Emirati security and foreign policy, his wife, Daniela Tejada, told Human Rights Watch.

Tejada said her husband spent some five months behind bars in the UAE, much of it in solitary confinement, without having been charged and without access to a lawyer. Hedges was eventually accused of "spying on the UAE and providing sensitive security and intelligence information to third parties," according to a statement from the Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeals, as translated by The National.

The verdict against Hedges was delivered during a hearing that his lawyer did not attend and that took just five minutes, Reuters reports , citing family members. They said Hedges had been made to sign a confession in Arabic that he did not understand and that his research notes were used as evidence against him.

Mr Hedges will be deported upon completion of his sentence and was also ordered to pay all legal fees. Mr Hedges has the right to appeal within a maximum of 30 days. She added that the Foreign Office will remain in contact with Hedges, his family and his lawyer. In a statement , U. News on Matthew Hedges extremely worrying.

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  • SAN QUENTIN, CA—Expressing frustration with the endless parade of poorly informed new inmates attempting to...
  • ISTANBUL — A year-old boy in Turkey has been sentenced to four and a half years in prison for kissing...
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  • This is a list of characters in the American television series, Prison Break. Contents....
  • Pistoleras may be a Western themed pokie but it is inseparable with...

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